Pell – Eleven:11 (2014)

The established mixtape culture in HipHop is a two edged sword for Rap fans. There is always new stuff to listen to and even small artists are able to reach a big audience without a major record deal. They have the possibility to create a fanbase and to try different and innovative things at once. Unfortunately not everyone is using this opportunity to boost their creativity. Rappers like Gucci Mane or Young Jeezy flood the market with new tapes every few month. No matter how unconvincing the end product turns out.

On the other hand we have artists like Future who started with free mixtapes, became famous and still express their personal emotions through their tapes. In the last few month we got to see him overcome his past relationship while releasing three mixtapes, which illuminated his state of mind at each point.

The current rapscene brings a lot of oppurtunities with it, but also makes it hard to dig down to new and innovative artists.

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to find one of those artists. He is called Pell, 21 years old and brings a soulfull approach to the table. His post-Drake like style mixes perfectly with the emotional beats and melodies. Almost every song on his tape Floating While Dreaming has a hook that sticks with you for days.

He creates a dreamlike atmosphere on this tape and you really feel like you are floating through the room. Everything seems to blend together and you’ll never want to leave this state of mind.

I’m really excited to see what he will be able to do in the future. And thanks to this interesting mixtape culture of today, I would be glad to watch each step to the top.

Get the free mixtape Floating While Dreaming here

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Polarkreis 18 – Polarkreis 18 (2007)

Do you know these bands, that are really good in the beginning but fail ultimately? Polarkreis 18 from Dresden, Germany is one of these bands. Their second selftitled album is a fantastic, fresh, experimental pop release. They managed to mix opposing elements in their tracks. On the one hand you can find sophisticated synth-melodies, that try to reach perfection and sound a little mathematic. On the other hand there are big orchestra moments. This balancing act is one interesting aspects of Polarkreis 18. They are not afraid of big references like Radiohead or Sigur Rós. So all in all the beginning was a great one. I have chosen three tracks from their second album to present to you. Continue reading

Of Monsters And Men – Crystals (2015)

Sometimes, I like my Indie-Folk simple and steady. Some formulars just always seem to work on me and grab my emotions in their cold hands of calculation.

Of Monsters And Men discovered this formular on their first record My Head Is An Animal in 2011. And since than it seems like they haven’t lost it yet.

Four years later we finally get to hear a new song of their upcoming record and nothing has changed. Do I bother? Not if they are able to get me these high feelings, that only music can give me. And oh how they deliver! I’m in love again and can’t wait for their second album.

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Japanese Wallpaper feat. Wafia – Breathe In (2013)

Australia seems to be the new England in terms of warm, reduced electronic music. I can’t even remember how I found Japanese Wallpaper, but I’m glad I did. This guy produces heart filling electronic tracks that seem to be levitating through the room.

On the track Breathe In with australian singer Wafia he manages to resist to overload the song with sounds. This pure and beautiful track gives Wafia’s voice enough space to breathe and to soak you in.

I’m pretty sure, that we will get to hear a lot more from Japanese Wallpaper in the near future!

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John Powell – Forbidden Friendship (2010)


I already wrote about the movie How To Train Your Dragon some months ago in my article about Jónsi. Today I want to present to you its score, especially the track Forbidden Friendship. John Powell, who also composed the soundtracks for Horton Hears a Who! and Kung Fu Panda, won some prizes for this lovely music like two International Film Music Critics Association Awards and almost an Academy Award for the best original score. As influences he calls the Sibelius, a Finnish Composer, and Jónsi, who also Features the score with his song Sticks & Stones. Have fun with it! Continue reading