Pell – Eleven:11 (2014)

The established mixtape culture in HipHop is a two edged sword for Rap fans. There is always new stuff to listen to and even small artists are able to reach a big audience without a major record deal. They have the possibility to create a fanbase and to try different and innovative things at once. Unfortunately not everyone is using this opportunity to boost their creativity. Rappers like Gucci Mane or Young Jeezy flood the market with new tapes every few month. No matter how unconvincing the end product turns out.

On the other hand we have artists like Future who started with free mixtapes, became famous and still express their personal emotions through their tapes. In the last few month we got to see him overcome his past relationship while releasing three mixtapes, which illuminated his state of mind at each point.

The current rapscene brings a lot of oppurtunities with it, but also makes it hard to dig down to new and innovative artists.

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to find one of those artists. He is called Pell, 21 years old and brings a soulfull approach to the table. His post-Drake like style mixes perfectly with the emotional beats and melodies. Almost every song on his tape Floating While Dreaming has a hook that sticks with you for days.

He creates a dreamlike atmosphere on this tape and you really feel like you are floating through the room. Everything seems to blend together and you’ll never want to leave this state of mind.

I’m really excited to see what he will be able to do in the future. And thanks to this interesting mixtape culture of today, I would be glad to watch each step to the top.

Get the free mixtape Floating While Dreaming here

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Alex G – Sorry (2014)

Alex G is a student from Philadelphia who is giving away his extraordinary music on the internet for free. It took me a while to really get into his music, because everything sounds so strange at first. But if you give him some time you’ll realize the appeal of his weird sounding songs, where nothing seems to be where it belongs. Even his voice will grow on you and you’ll be glad that you found this raw diamond called DSU.

Sorry is one of the slower, more conventional songs on this free release. And what better season then autumn to let yourself fall into his sound?

Since Sorry is no where to be found on youtube, I just post Serpent Is Lord or you can just check out his bandcamp site.

download link

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mmpsuf – Human-un-kind (2011)

This sunday I want to introduce to you mmpsuf with their lovely track Human-un-kind. mmpsuf are Eglė Sirvydytė and Aivaras Ruzgas from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Both of them were well experienced in different kinds of music before they formed mmpsuf. Ruzgas did a lot of composition for audiovisual projects and theatre whereas Sirvydytė devoted herself to acoustic jazz and folk music. In 2011 they released their first album as mmpsuf: Expeditors. Continue reading

Florian Kreidler – Die Konferenz Der Tiere (2014)

Named after Erich Kästners children’s book Die Konferenz der Tiere, Florian Kreidler created a fascinating mix of audio drama and electronic music. The book was written soon after WW2 and is about animals who want to stop humans from destroying the earth. This dark and political set up is captured perfectly by the almost minimalistic and poundering beats. Florian Kreidler manages to keep the strong atmosphere of the words alive and to tell the story even without any language.

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Vince Staples And Larry Fisherman Feat. Schoolboy Q – Back Sellin’ Crack (2013)

Since rap isn’t that present on our blog, I decided to change that fact and present to you: Vince Staples. The young Californian rapper already did some collaborations with the infamous Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All and released the Stolen Youth LP in 2013. Larry Fisherman aka Mac Miller produced the songs on his free Mixtape and with Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul he even featured half of the Black Hippy group. Back Sellin’ Crack is one of the faster songs and while Vince is keeping it smooth and slow, Schoolboy Q is almost tripping over his verses and is the more than welcome aggressive counterpart. You can get the Stolen Youth LP for free at

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J Sigsworth – Light Running Through Your Veins (2013)

The Norwegian producer J Sigsworth combines synthesizers with post rock and has created many impressive soundscapes. Light Running Through Your Veins is one of his greatest. Jonathan Sigsworth produced some of his stuff for TV shows and commercials but his songs work just great on their own. You can download Light Running Through Your Veins and other songs on his bandcamp for free. But don’t worry you can choose to pay him as well.

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