Dave Harrington – Before This There Was One Heart But a Thousand Thoughts (2014)

This Monday I want to discover the musical depths of Dave Harrington’s first solo EP with you. Before This There Was One Heart But a Thousand Thoughts is the programmatic title of this symphony-like ambient world, Harrington constructed at his home in NYC (release via Nicolas Jaar’s Other People imprint). Continue reading



I have to postpone my blogentry for one day, because… I’m hungry and my creativity is at rock bottom. So unfortunately you have to wait until tomorrow. :/


The Tallest Man On Earth – 1904 (2012)

The Tallest Man On Earth has the most beautiful voice I ever heard. Every single song sounds like it might be his last and he puts everything he got into them. With that cracking voice and his Folk style it’s no wonder that he always gets compared to Bob Dylan.

Of course it’s hard to live up to that hype but maybe you should just listen to him without comparing, even if it’s not that easy. The Tallest Man On Earth has much to offer and even after three full length records his voice still surprises and gets me excited.

If you never heard of this guy before I recommend checking out his first two LP’s Shallow Grave and The Wild Hunt as well. 1904 is from his latest work There’s No Leaving Now and has him experimenting with more layers of instruments. I’m totally in love with this guy’s music and there’s nothing better, than walking through a forest or a park and listen to Kristian Matsson pouring his heart out.

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Envy – A Cage It Falls Into (2001)

On this blog we try to cover as many genres as possible, which probably leads to a smaller audience. We’re aware of that, but I like to think that maybe, just maybe one or two of you will find something in another type of music that they haven’t felt before. Maybe it’s a emotion that slowly starts to fill you up inside or maybe it’s just something you never heard before.

Envy is a band from Tokyo which plays with different kind of emotions. Emptiness, anger, fear, melancholy and many others. The first time I listened to A Cage It Falls Into I was totally blown away by the energy the band was able to communicate through music. Even though it may not be your kind of music, there might be something buried inside this track that hits you right there where it hurts.

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